Underfloor Heating - help to keep cold floors and rooms warm, call PGS Electrical Contractors

Underfloor Heating

PGS Electrical Contractors can provide Under floor heating systems - which can sit beneath stone, tile, wooden or even carpeted surfaces - will help to keep cold floors and rooms warm, and can offer an alternative to using radiators to deliver central heating. The electric heating sheets or cables are fitted beneath the flooring, and usually on top of a layer of screed (to ensure the surface is completely flat) and a layer of floor insulation (to keep the heating source travelling upwards rather than down).

Our approach

With all of our electric systems, the floor structure is gently warmed throughout typically 23-26°C to create a large radiant surface. In contact with this surface, people and objects absorb the energy emitted without it directly heating the air first. This also means that there is no loss of air quality in the room. The result is that you experience warm feet and real comfort.

Qualified installation

A qualified PGS Electrical Contractors electrician will need to connect your system up to your electric mains supply, and fit a sensor that connects to the thermostat. This allows you to control the temperature and pre-set the system to turn on or off.

Underfloor heating installed by PEL Electrical

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