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At P.G.S Electrical Services we have diversified into the renewable energy sector with the introduction of the government backed Feed in Tariff, not only a superb long term financial investment also a purely green environmental future helping towards reducing homeowners carbon footprint.

Government Backed

The Feed in Tariff is backed by the government and gives a guaranteed tax free income for 20 years.

Inflation Linked

The scheme is index linked to inflation so every year the amount you receive will increase at the same rate as inflation.

All Income is Tax Free!

You receive money for the power you generate even if you use it, so for example you will get paid for the solar power you use to boil your kettle or watch the TV.

Sell Excess Power

Get an additional income by selling unused solar energy back to the national grid.

Full trained staff

Our company offers the complete solar installation.Our fully trained staff, with over 10 years of experience - sub-contracting to the renewable industry, have developed the skills required to survey, design and install solar photovoltaics, please see the documents section in the home page to download/view our certificates and accreditations.


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