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Renewable Solutions

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PGS Electrical Contractors Ltd have been installing solar PV since 2012 with having installed over 2000 installations all over Essex

Our renewable energy solution installations have achieved the highest level of industry practices and workmanship adhering to a vigorous quality management system achieving accreditation with NAPIT Microgeneration certification scheme.

Whilst we look expectantly towards those in Westminster for progress on our 2030 climate target, reducing carbon emissions by 68%, it is important to remember than we all as individuals have a responsibility to take action as well.

Harnessing natural energy sources such as the sun, allows us to work in unison with, and not against our planet. We believe that generating and storing our own renewable energy is a huge step in the right direction.

Our renewable energy expertise covers:
  • Saving you money on your energy bills
  • Complete solar installation
  • Residential EV charging station installation
  • Local business EV charging station installation
  • Designed & installation of Solar Battery Storage Systems