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Emergency Lighting

Commercial lighting installation

The Emergency Lighting System or ELS constitutes the backup sources of illumination that become active in the event of a power cut or disaster that disrupts power to your main light fittings.

6 Monthly & Annual Emergency Light Servicing

The role of the Emergency Lighting system is to provide visibility in areas of the building to aid with proper evacuation of personnel on the premises. Emergency Lights are normally placed above doorways and along corridors to indicate exits in case of an emergency

Minimal disruption to your business

Contact PGS now to book your emergency light testing. Our friendly and reliable engineers will attend at a time convenient to you and cause minimal disruption to your business.

We offer full annual testing (3 hr), or a 6-month (1 hr)

Our Electrical engineers will note in the logbook the pass or fail status of each fitting. If fittings are found to be faulty then we can provide a quote to conduct any remedial works should you wish. We recommend that you conduct the monthly function test and note in the logbook. Our engineers can show you how if you’re unsure.