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Air Source Heat Pumps

P.G.S Electrical Services Ltd can provide a more affordable solution to heating the domestic family home by using air source heat pump technology, like air conditioning - it can provide heating and comfort cooling. Compared with a traditional boiler, heat pumps provide greater efficiency by supplying heat over a longer time period at a lower temperature. This makes air source heat pumps approximately 4-6 times cheaper than oil.

Maximum efficiency

For maximum efficiency, your home will need to have adequate loft insulation already installed to prevent heat from escaping. Windows and doors should also be draught proofed. If your existing heating system uses gas, you are unlikely to see any financial benefit from installing an air source heat pump. However, replacing an electric, coal or oil system is recommended as a heat pump should work out to be cheaper in the long-run.

Typically, an air source heat pump will suit most properties. Our Staff at P.G.S can offer a free site survey of the property and suitable sized heat pump can be selected from a heat loss calculations.

Air Water Heat Pump

For the air-water model, the heat extracted from the outside air is boosted to a higher temperature and then used to heat water in a tank. This water is then used to run a conventional central heating system either based on radiators or underfloor heating.

In an air-air system the heat extracted from the outside air is boosted to the appropriate temperature by the compressor in the heat pump and then fed directly into the house. To make this an efficient means of heating your home, an air circulation system must be in place to avoid the pump only heating the area of the home where its exhaust valve is. Clearly, this system can only be used to supply space heating to your home.

Air-water heat pumps privided by PGS Electrical

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